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Handwriting and Miraculous Events!

After reading about the “miraculous” events in your Heart Stories… please explain: What does this have to do with handwriting?

Answer: Nothing mystic…nothing magic…certainly not “new age!” It’s pure science: How our brain works! Our writing habits are a graphic image of our thought habits, imprinted in the subconscious mind from birth onward. They reflect who we see ourselves to be, reflecting attitudes that support our talents and abilities as well as those that put a screeching halt on our creativity.

Our goal this year is to train teachers, in both the homeschooling and classroom environments, to begin writing with the Vimala Alphabet. Why? Because The Vimala Alphabet is the only handwriting system designed specifically to build self-esteem with every stroke of the pen! As the teachers continue writing, they will experience the awakening of their own previously hidden gifts and positive attitudes and be eager to teach their students to write each day and have similar breakthroughs!

Basically: As we inscribe the Vimala letters, we are directing the brain to delete self-limiting attitudes and replace them with those that bring out the best in ourselves! As we move the pen, we are simultaneously realigning pathways in the brain, which in turn allows us to see ourselves and our role in life from a refreshing and often creative perspective. At that point, both teacher and student will begin to interact from an elevated sense of self-esteem!

My request: Don’t believe anything I say about these transformational possibilities. Begin to move your pen and experience them for yourself!

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I can’t believe it. But I know it’s true and you’re the one I’ve got to tell. Last year, cursive writing was taken out of our school subjects and we had to learn computers. Still, our teacher (I’m in 5th grade) told me she wanted me to turn off the computer at home for 30 minutes each day and practice some things about the way I wrote, with a pen not a keyboard. She said it would have me be able to sing on stage in front of people without being self-conscious. My eyebrows went up and I said “What?! How did you know I like to sing? Besides, I could never sing in front of people.” I was really confused, but Mrs. Wilson just smiled with that look of hers and told me that when I was on lunchroom clean-up one day, she heard “this beautiful voice” coming out of the kitchen. She found out that it was me. She didn’t say anything that day, because she wanted to speak to me privately. I told her I never sing in public, only at home when I’m in the shower and usually when no one else is home. It’s always been a special private thing with me.

Anyway—she handed me a sheet of paper with your alphabet on it. A lot of the letters looked just like the way she wrote. She told me she wanted me to practice writing three letters each day: The Letter Aa, the letter Hh, and the double letter Th. She sat at her desk and showed me exactly how she wanted me to write them by themselves, and in lines, and in any words that had them inside of them. She asked me to show her my writing sheets when I came to school each morning, and she would look at them and tell me how I was doing.

I started that night as she said, and each day I got to like writing more and more, and sometimes I wrote more than one sheet because when I wrote, especially when I had a bad day, it made me feel good like someone liked me. So every night I did my writing along with my regular homework, and every morning I gave Mrs. Wilson my writing. Week after week she said really nice things about it and corrected me only a little bit. And every few weeks she gave me new letters to practice. She told me to write the Aa forever because they started my name.

I don’t know how my writing and my singing are related, but a few days after I began my writing, I started singing at home even when the family was there. They liked it and said such nice things about how it sounded. In fact, my big brother Jacob said he REALLY liked my singing. This is why I’m writing to you.

Last week we had a school talent show, and the week before, Jacob told me I needed to be a contestant. Without thinking I yelled, “No way brother!” but he promised me he’d be right there for me, and sit in the front row. He said a few other things that had me see it his way, so I agreed because I trust Jacob, but I still felt scared. I got to choose the song, so I chose the one I’ve loved to sing since I was little: “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”—in front of an audience? Talk about scared!!

When I walked up to the microphone at the center of the stage I wasn’t even sure I could make my voice work, but as the music started I closed my eyes and as I began to sing it was like the words were singing through me and I wasn’t even there. I know that sounds weird, but it’s true. I sang all the verses and almost didn’t want to stop. But when I sang the final “Why, oh why can’t I?” the room was dead silent. Then suddenly everyone started clapping and cheering, then they stood up and kept clapping and cheering. I got tears in my eyes and tried so hard not to cry. And there in the front row sitting right next to Jacob, was Mrs. Wilson, with the biggest smile I’d ever seen on her.

She told me later that my courage was not only because of my brother Jacob but also because of my new handwriting. Then she told me about your newsletter and said that this just had to be one of your stories. So I thank you, Dr. Rodgers because now I sing whenever I feel like it, and as you can tell, I use your letters when I write, and they both make me feel special in a good way. As the song says, “The dreams that you dare to dream, really do come true.” Thank you again, and God bless.

Aaron L. 
Las Vegas, NV

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“Dear God, please fill us with Your Love and Light. Thank You.”

In my last newsletter, I shared my “All Saints Day” epilogue, letting you know that as I jog on my treadmill each day…with each jog step I offer a prayer for someone who is making (or has made) a difference in my life. For each person, I awaken the Almighty with these words: “Dear God, please fill with Your Love and Light. Thank You.”

Assuming that some of you reading this might know of someone whose lives might be lightened with a few prayers, I invited you to send me their names, and I would include them. Your generous response really touched my heart! Because of you, I now pray for well over a mile each day! Thank You!



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