Are you a selective listener?


We are all selective listeners at sometime or another since we are so busy these days. We have to decide what we want to listen to, and absolutely your handwriting can show whether or not you are! We examine the E‘s in a person’s writing which is a communication letter to determine this.If they are tightly closed (see sample 1.) the person

Sample #1

can be closed minded. You have to see this over and over in the handwriting, not just once or twice to draw this conclusion. Also, we look for other telltale signs such as stubbornness (see sample 2.) to see how intense this trait is. 

Sample 2.

We do a lot of trait stacking to get a more accurate analysis of a subject’s handwriting. 

When the downward stems on the letters d & t are shaped like a teepee and it is seen often in the writing, chances are they are pretty hard to budge once they make up their minds. They have a fear of being wrong. This is a fear that should be examined and cleared from the writing. Good relationships depend on open mindedness and a willingness to admit when we are wrong! All kinds of things can happen in childhood to create this kind of behavior. Some kids are just born that way.  Actually you can change this trait easier than you might think! 

When I see the selective listener trait in a client’s handwriting they are often surprised. It can cause friction in relationships and they are not aware that they tune out their partners. Throw in stubbornness, and you can be sure there are problems in their communications. If you have this trait in your handwriting, you will be surprised how getting rid of it improves your life!

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