Does your handwriting show a desire for attention?


From the time we pop out of the womb, we figure out ways to get attention and get our needs met. However, as we mature we realize crying doesn’t always work anymore.


In sample #1 we see high ending strokes that go way up in the air, much like a child raising his/her hand in the classroom for attention. 


This person needs to be the center of attention and is always looking for ways to get noticed. They need a lot of recognition and yearn for the spotlight.


 A little less extreme ending can show generosity, The ending on the (S) leaves little doubt that the writer wants to be seen.

Let’s look at Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s handwriting.

 While her script clearly shows she has practiced the art of Calligraphy, the ending letters in her first and last name show this desire. Some even go extremely  high and curl back to the left, this can indicate religious guilt.


 I think the limelight won’t bother her as much as it might a more private person. She is a perfectionist and will want to do everything “just right”! 


Harry on the other hand is a much more private person and needs his alone time to recharge his batteries. Often, these “loners” tend to pick mates who are opposite to themselves to handle social situations for the family. His underlined signature shows his self-reliance. He doesn’t particularly need public approval or attention.  

It is my understanding that once you become a “Royal” you have to go through training on how to behave in the public eye as everything you do will be scrutinized to the nth degree! Since handwriting is brainwriting, as her behaviour changes, so will her handwriting.

I have known many a mother who once her brood moved out of the house, started unconsciously adding this kind of ending on their letters. It’s as if they are saying “it’s my time now.”

If you keep any kind of journal, look back on life changing events and see if you can spot subtle changes to your handwriting. Sometimes traits will show up for a while and then disappear once the situation changes again. These are adaptable people.




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