Does your handwriting show you have a temper?

Does your handwriting indicate you have a temper?


Everybody blows a gasket once in a while, it’s probably even healthy rather than keep your anger bottled up inside doing both physical and emotional damage. You might not have this trait at all.


However, you might want to scan someone else’s handwriting if you are in charge of hiring for a job or considering a life partner to see if this trait shows up a lot. 


Shown by a t-bar that is crossed predominantly on the right of the stem. Try to get a few pages to see if this really does appear say 8 out of 10 times. The more it occurs, the easier they get irritated and lose control of their emotions! 

Once in a while is not evidence of an out of control individual. The t-bar will not only be on the right but might also end with a sharp point. Add sarcasm to the mix! Might yell at a driver that cuts him/her off in traffic. Road rage anyone? 


The more you learn about graphology, the more likely you can guess what the person’s handwriting will reveal.

You wouldn’t want to hire someone with this trait if you need them to remain calm, cool and collected at all times. This does not mean this person might not have many great qualities and even be a genius, in fact it may be the reason they have a temper in the first place! Why isn’t everyone as smart as they are? 


In any relationship expect them to be easily excitable, if combined with a heavy right slant, they will blow up quickly when under stress. 

If you spot this trait in your own handwriting and want to change it, begin by writing the letter ( T ) over and over and cross it evenly on both sides of the stem (preferably at the top.) Do this every day for the next 30 days straight and see if you and others see a difference it your behaviour! This only works if you practice this every day! If you forget a day, you have to start all over. Good luck with this powerful, positive change!


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