Does your handwriting show you are witty?

A sense of humor is a must to navigate the choppy waters of everyday life and definitely makes it more fun. We see this trait with a wavy T-Bar or flourishing wavy beginning stroke in word patterns like in example #1.





Example #1


This person has a silly sense of humor and can become witty if the stroke ends with a sharp point (sarcastic) or angle (analytical).







example #2


Studies have shown that Creative people often have messy handwriting because their brains are working faster than their hands can write.


Eddie Murphy’s signature in example #2 clearly shows just that! He is notorious for his rapid fire delivery. The fluidity and figure 8’s Show his creativity and ability to speak well and keep the momentum going with never a dull moment! The pointy ends on his capital M and Y indicates he can be sarcastic as well as a super fast thinker.


When we see pointy m’s we also know the writer is analytical as well as fast at grasping the situation. How often do you wish you had thought of a clever comeback that didn’t come until hours later or not at all? 

Example #3


There are many different types of comedians. George Carlin was one of the greats, (example #3) you can see the same fluidity in his signature as you do Eddie’s, however his looped L in Carlin reaches up high into the philosophical zone! 


Funny people think outside the box, so they are often creative in other ways too. 







Example #4


Richard Pryor (example #4) shows the same fluidity as the others but notice you can’t read any of them? Comedians often come from very painful backgrounds and being funny was a way to get attention and win friends.


If you’d like to add a little humor to your thinking, try practicing these wavy T-Bars yourself! Remember, you have to write rows of them everyday for 30 days or so till the new behavior kicks in, but don’t be surprised if people don’t start seeing you as the life of the party!


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